We are so delighted that you are interested in enrolling your child in the Amlin  
     Community Preschool!  We feel confident  that you will be very happy with the choice you 
     are making for your child. 

     While you're busy dashing here and there, finishing off that last minute task, your
     child will be hard at play.  And learning.  And building faith.  While you're gulping 
     that last bit of fast food, rushing to keep the your hours organized, the children will be
     hard at work socializing, learning to communicate, and building math skills while they
     sit back and eat a healthy snack.  

     It's not just the State of Ohio Early Learning Content Standards that are important.  It's
     not the dedicated certified teachers building a strong curriculum for childhood growth.
     It's not even Amlin's large and growing facility at the heart of what's important. It's your
     child that matters to us.  The youth ministry has been our beacon at Amlin for years, and
     we want to offer something truly special to the community by providing a stong preschool
     curriculum that incorporates pre-kindergarten standards in a loving, Christian 

     So relax and enjoy a few hours to yourself.  That busy schedule has  just opened up,
     and you can be confident that your child has found a place to learn and play at Amlin
     Community Preschool.  

     Registration is simple, and it's one click away!

     At Amlin Community Preschool one smile from your 
     child and you'll know  the day was filled with 
     action, education, and spiritual development.
     While you're busy running to the store, we'll be busy
     providing your child with the necessary building blocks
     to tackle educational and social standards with fun,
     exciting play and activities in a loving, Christian 
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