It's a very busy day, and your child is hugging your hip
     for attention.  You really don't have time to browse this
     site do you?  No sweat!  
    Click the "Forms" link above. That's all you need to get 
    started with Amlin Community Preschool.
    If you still don't have much time, but need some
     answers, contact us using the information to the right.

     We hope you're as excited about Amlin Community Preschool as we are to have you 
     Registering your child is easy.  You can go to our Forms page using the button above 
     and begin viewing the registration material.  You'll find a Welcome Letter, our Initial 
     Registration Form and other important program information.  For parents with 
     more than one child, you may enter each child on the form.  Once they are enrolled, there
     will be follow-up paperwork that will require individual information for each of your children.

     Send the completed Initial Registration Form and a non-refundable registration
     fee, as well as the first and last month's tuition to Amlin United Methodist
     Church.  By mail:

     Amlin Community Preschool 
     c/o Amlin United Methodist Church - 5441 Cosgray Road - Dublin, OH  43016 
      If you have any questions you can reach us at (614) 771-1904 or contact the director
      via email:

      We look forward to meeting you!
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